Class Notes 12/1/16

Good Introductions: Grab the reader’s attention: beginning with a question (no rhetorical, common questions), beginning with a quote, beginning with a fascinating statistic Gives an overview of your topic/argument: background information and history, avoid definitions, lay out issues (major points … Continue reading

Memes with a Message

This political meme utilizes two different modes, text and graphics, to convey a liberal stance on a heavily debated topic about women’s right to an abortion. Essentially, the creator of this meme is mocking congressmen who believe they have the authority to mandate what a women should do with her body and health. In fact, congressmen […]

Gendered Political Advertisement

In Donald Trump’s “Motherhood: Ivanka Trump Political Ad,” Trump utilizes his daughter and her family to gain support of women which clearly distinguishes that the target audience for this ad is broadly women, and more narrowly women raising families. In the ad, the first couple clips show women mothering their children and cuts to Ivanka […]

Gendered Advertising Remixer

The Gender Advertising Remixer helps illustrate advertisers’s biases when marketing based on gender. In terms of audio, the advertisements targeted for males tended to have rougher, stronger voices while the advertisements specifically for females had upbeat, sassy voices. This already distinguishes a stereotype that men should be burly and women should act feminine. Additionally, in regards […]

Unit 2 Readings Question

For the second readings, I do not really have any questions in particular. If we read further into the article, would it be okay if we annotated some of the information beyond the two sections we had to read?