Thesis: Georgia State University has positively redefined the built environment of Atlanta, making it a center for both economic and cultural prosperity.

Georgia State University, located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, is an anomaly with respect to other American colleges and universities. The large, federally funded research university boasts over 50,000 students and ranges over 120 million square feet of Atlanta’s downtown sector. The university’s campus is a unique setting in which there are no clear boundaries of where the school ends and Atlanta begins, which differs greatly from its Midtown counterpart, Georgia Tech. The lack of a closed-off campus is often a troubling topic for most Georgia State parents as they fear for the safety of their children. What most parents fail to see is that the way in which the campus is interwoven into the city is far from a drawback. In fact, the university has become such a crucial part in making the downtown area a safer, cleaner space. With its vibrant diversity, expanding campus, and close proximity to Atlanta attractions, Georgia State University is very much responsible for redefining the rhetoric of the built environment of downtown Atlanta.


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